After completing The Fleeca Job, you’ll be able to pull off The Prison Break, your team is hired to go in and pull Maxim Rashkovsky out of Bolingbroke Penitentiary. But first you’re going to need to prepare and clean a few things up.

Setup – Plane
Setup – Bus
Setup – Station
Setup – Wet Work
The Prison Break
Elite Challenge

The Prison Break Plane

One person is going to have the job role of pilot, as long as you can land an aeroplane in GTA you’re good to go, but to be sure you might want to pick the best pilot out of your crew to avoid crashing when delivering the aircraft.

The other three will form the ground team who will need to clean up enemies. It’s not difficult but be sure to stay together to avoid someone getting stuck in the middle of multiple enemies and getting gunned down, if someone dies you will need to start again.

The best way to do this is for all four members of the team get in the same vehicle and travel to McKenzie airfield, stop just outside and advance towards the hanger. For now the pilot should be working with the ground team to clear up the enemies until they’re all dead, now the Pilot can collect the plane while the ground team remove any vehicles off the runway clearing a path for the pilot to take off.

There are no more attacks after this so it’s just a matter of delivering the aircraft to the hanger at Los Santos International Airport.

The Prison Break Bus

While the setup again requires four players, it can aeasily be done with one, it’s really not hard at all and as long as there’s no screwing around you’re more likely to be ran over by traffic than riddled with bullets.

Head to the location of the bus, park in front to make it stop and eliminate the driver, then take down the chopper escorting the bus and lose the cops, whoever is the driver should head off into the relatively remote off-road areas to make avoiding them easier, while the others are better to stay away from the bus, you don’t want to pass your wanted level onto the driver after they’ve already lost their own. It is a bus afterall and it’s much easier for you to lose the cops in a more appropriate vehicle than for them to do it twice or more in a bus.

Deliver the bus to the drop off, it’s just around the corner from where you stole it. Avoid any police vehicles or you’re likely to get a one-star wanted level again.

The Prison Break Station

You’ll be splitting into two combat teams, Cop Station and Cargo Ship, but it’s rather easy. Each team only needs one person but unfortunately, four are required to complete it. The enemies consist of standard cops and gangsters that you’ve come across before, nothing at all difficult.

Cop Station – Your job is to steal some files from the local constabulary, so bring up your phone and call the cops, you’re going to need their vehicle, note that as you’re impersenating a member of the Police force you only have a pistol and a nightstick. Get rid of the wanted level from killing the cops then head to the Police Station.

It’s important you don’t run or pull out your weapons, just walk inside. Go to the rear of the station to grab the Police bus schedule, then head back outside, as long as no one screwed around you should have attracted no attention.

Take the vehicle to the Olympic Freeway underpass in Murrieta Heights and set it on fire with petrol, then return the documents to the planning room.

Cargo Ship – You are instructed to collect a vehicle from a cargo ship down at the docks. Park up next to one of the cranes to give you a bit of cover, take out as many of the guards on the ship as you can see then run up the ramp and head towards the front of the ship, be careful when advancing as enemies can pop out of the corners and take a shot at you. Once at the front, climb up the containers, there is usually an enemy on the bow of the ship so don’t go turning your back to him. Now run and jump across the gap, shoot the lock on the container to open it and retrieve the vehicle, now simply take it to the drop off.

The Prison Break Wet Work

Again, you’re heading off in two teams, City Hall and Mansion.

City Hall – Head to the location and climb up the ladder to get to your nest. Two lawyers will arrive, the two of you should take one each but fire at the same time as you need to time it correctly. If you’re communicating via headset it will make it so much easier, one lawyer is holding a briefcase so you can use that to correctly identify your target. It’s also not hard to do without a headset, if you’re on your partner’s left, you take the lawyer who is on the left when they get out of the vehicle, you or your partner takes their shot and the other fires immediately when they hear this, just be sure to keep your target in your sights at all times.

Now head back down the ladder, clear up the cops near the briefcase, the driver should drive over putting the vehicle between the briefcase and the cops, giving the passenger some cover to jump out and grab it, now lose the cops and return to the planning room.

Mansion – Head to the mansion and stealthily take out the guards, if you attract attention the target will escape and you’ll need to hunt them down, so do your best not to screw it up.

The Prison Break Heist

Each person is given an individual role; Prisoner, Prison Officer, Pilot and Demolition. While there are still two teams, there aren’t any light-coloured blips to indicate your partner. The Perimeter Team are the Pilot and Demolitions, while the Ground Team are the Prisoner and Prison Officer.

Perimeter Team – Pilot collects the Velum and flies over Los Santos, you will be instructed to go to Sandy Shores, but do not follow this objective until you’re given the all clear by the Ground Team that they’re leaving the prison, otherwise you will have an endless spawn of Lazers chasing you. This also leaves Demolitions free to assist the Ground Team at the prison.

Demolitions intercepts the prison bus, takes it up to Sandy Shores airfield to destroy it, then steals the Buzzard attack chopper. If the Pilot remains over the city there won’t be any Lazers to worry about, so head over to the prison to assist the other team, keep a safe distance otherwise you’ll be shot down on sight.

Once the Ground Team have cleared the NOOSE units they should have informed the Pilot, they will be coming out in an armoured car, the Pilot needs to collect them and the best place to do this is the long strip of road leading up to the prison so head over there and land on it, as this is the prison road there is no traffic to worry about. Once the rest of the crew are in the plane the pilot can now fly out along the east coast to lose the wanted level while heading over to the marker to hand over the aircraft to Rashkovsky.

Ground Team – Head over to where you left the Prison bus last time in the setup mission. It doesn’t matter who of you enters the vehicle first, your character will go to their own seat regardless. The PO drives the vehicle up to the gates of Bolingbroke Penitentiary, stops for inspection then parks up. There are two guards near-by, if the Prisoner runs their cuffs will ‘break’ causing you to lose your disguise, same as if either of you pull out your weapons.

While we’re unsure yet if there’s a stealthy way to do this, the best combat approach so far seems to be to take the guards unaware and fight your way over to Rashkovsky. You’ll be fighting through NOOSE so be sure to take cover. The Prisoner will soon run out of ammo so make sure you’re collecting weapons and ammo off the bodies of downed enemies. The Prisoner collects Rashkovsky, then you push forward taking cover every step along the way, Rashkovsky will only move up if the NOOSE in front are cleared.

Once you’re done killing NOOSE, immediately inform the Pilot that you’re now leaving the prison, you will find one of the NOOSE team’s armoured cars parked near the entrance of the prison, get in with Rashkovsky and make your way out. Don’t worry about any of the cops after you, just go straight to the plane with Rashkovsky.


Once the aircraft is handed over to Rashkovsky, the Ground Team and the Pilot will jump out, safely land on the beach. This means avoiding the chopper blades and keeping the landing zone clear, you don’t want to come this close to completing the mission only to start again because you clipped a blade, or got squished by the Buzzard. Once everyone has re-grouped on the beach, both teams get in the Buzzard and fly back to Los Santos.

Elite Challenge

  • No-one dies
  • Vehicle damage under 6%
  • Complete under 5:20

An easy introduction to GTA Online Heists, The Fleeca Job helps you get to grips with some of the new mission objectives. It really shouldn’t be any trouble at all, there’s nothing difficult about it compared to anything else in GTA.

Once you have updated GTA V’s multiplayer and have a high-end apartment you will receive a call from Lester inviting you to his warehouse just off the freeway (the same one in single-player) simply go there to begin the journey.

Lester will inform you that he’s setting up some jobs and will soon be in touch, it won’t take too long for him to call you back, once he does you’re now ready to lead your heist crews.

The Fleeca Job Scope Out

This setup is pretty straight-forward, it’s really more of a story builder as nothing actually happens. You’re accompanied by Lester to the Fleeca bank on the west coast to scope out the place, one person drives, while the passenger will be given the hacking app to familiarise themself for the job on the way back.

The Fleeca Job Kuruma

To pull off the heist you’re going to need a Kuruma, a stylish, high-powered armoured car. Again it’s really straight-forward, you head over to Little Seoul, kill some Koreans on the top level of a parking garage and steal their Kuruma. More enemies will spawn to take you out but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem, deliver the Kuruma to Lester in one piece and you’re now ready for the job itself.

The Fleeca Job Heist

You will now have access to the actual heist details on the whiteboard, this is where the heist leader will be able to set each member’s cut, and where members can select their desired job role. Here you can also view the expected take from the job and the setup cost that the leader has paid to run this job.

The Driller – On the way to the bank you will need to hack the security system of the bank before you arrive, Lester informs you that the program is cleaning up after itself so don’t worry if you fail, you will just have to try again. Once you’ve completed the hack and arrived at the bank you should help the Driver take out the four CCTV cameras (not a requirement, you could leave it to the Driver and just head to your own objective), then you need to make your way to the back and drill the lock of the safe deposit box containing hooky bonds. Simply push the left analogue stick forward to insert the drill and gently press on R2 to speed it up, be careful though, you don’t want to break the drill bit so pay attention to the visual indicator letting you know if it’s becoming too hot.

The Driver – Get the Driller to the Fleeca bank, you’ll need to wait if they haven’t completed the hack as you’ll need the safe door open. Once unlocked get inside and take out the four CCTV cameras. Now you need to ensure the teller remains intimidated, if you do not they will hit the panic button and you’ll instantly fail the heist. The yellow bar in the bottom right corner of the screen is your indication of how scared the teller is, keep an eye on it.

Once the box is open, get out to the Kuruma. There will be cops waiting out on the street, take them out and advance to the vehicle. Now the driver simply needs to get you both to the reandavous point. Avoid any roadblocks and cop cars as you would any other time in GTA. Once you’ve reached the chopper drive beneath to be picked up and escape.

Congratulations, you’ve just completed the first multiplayer heist in Grand Theft Auto V!

Added the Grand Theft Auto V 100% Checklist:

  • Story Missions – 50%
    • All main story missions
    • Assassination Missions (Franklin)
  • Hobbies and Pastimes – 10%
    • Flight School (12) – Score at least Bronze
    • Off-road Races (6)
    • Parachute Jumps (15)
    • Sea Races (4)
    • Shooting Range – Bronze in each round with every weapon type
    • Sports (Darts, Golf, Tennis, Triathlon)
    • Street Races (5)
    • Strip Club: Lap Dance
  • Strangers and Freaks – 10%
    • Barry
    • Beverly
    • Dom
    • Dreyfuss
    • Fanatic
    • Hao
    • Omega
    • Tonya
  • Random Events – 15%
    • There are 57 in total, but you only need to complete 14
  • Miscellaneous – 15%
    • Booty call
    • Fly under bridges (25)
    • Friend activities (bar, strip club, movie and darts)
    • Knife Flights (8)
    • Letter Scraps (50)
    • Purchase 5 revenue assets
    • Purchase a vehicle online
    • Rob 1 of 19 shops
    • Spaceship Parts (50)
    • Stunt Jumps (25)
    • Take Chop for a walk
    • Use a prostitute
    • Visit a cinema

Rockstar have announced that pre-orders are officially available. Though we suggest waiting to hear more about any retailer pre-order exclusives, or the existence of any Special or Complete edition, before you go ahead and pre-order. This also means that we will soon begin our competition to win a pre-order copy of Grand Theft Auto V!

As part of the announcement, Rockstar released the full desktop version of the Beach Weather artwork, with of course a selection of sizes available on their downloads page.

Update: It has been revealed that the girl in this artwork is a model named Shelby Welinder.