GTA V 100% Checklist

Added the Grand Theft Auto V 100% Checklist:

  • Story Missions – 50%
    • All main story missions
    • Assassination Missions (Franklin)
  • Hobbies and Pastimes – 10%
    • Flight School (12) – Score at least Bronze
    • Off-road Races (6)
    • Parachute Jumps (15)
    • Sea Races (4)
    • Shooting Range – Bronze in each round with every weapon type
    • Sports (Darts, Golf, Tennis, Triathlon)
    • Street Races (5)
    • Strip Club: Lap Dance
  • Strangers and Freaks – 10%
    • Barry
    • Beverly
    • Dom
    • Dreyfuss
    • Fanatic
    • Hao
    • Omega
    • Tonya
  • Random Events – 15%
    • There are 57 in total, but you only need to complete 14
  • Miscellaneous – 15%
    • Booty call
    • Fly under bridges (25)
    • Friend activities (bar, strip club, movie and darts)
    • Knife Flights (8)
    • Letter Scraps (50)
    • Purchase 5 revenue assets
    • Purchase a vehicle online
    • Rob 1 of 19 shops
    • Spaceship Parts (50)
    • Stunt Jumps (25)
    • Take Chop for a walk
    • Use a prostitute
    • Visit a cinema

Grand Theft Auto Screenies #5

We have more screenies for you :)

GTA V Game Informer Screenies

Thanks to Game Informer for these twenty-three screenshots.

GTA V Pre-Orders now available!

Rockstar have announced that pre-orders are officially available. Though we suggest waiting to hear more about any retailer pre-order exclusives, or the existence of any Special or Complete edition, before you go ahead and pre-order. This also means that we will soon begin our competition to win a pre-order copy of Grand Theft Auto V!

As part of the announcement, Rockstar released the full desktop version of the Beach Weather artwork, with of course a selection of sizes available on their downloads page.

Update: It has been revealed that the girl in this artwork is a model named Shelby Welinder.

GTA V expected to release next Spring

Rockstar’s Newswire has announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be releasing in the coming Spring (during Autumn, for those down-under), this is great news for fans as we now have a rough idea of when we’ll be able to get our hands on this game!

GTA V Artwork: Pest Control

Today comes the very first artwork for Grand Theft Auto V! Titled Pest Control, it looks as though Rockstar have some exciting stuff for us to come. Go to the Rockstar downloads page, select “Game Wallpapers” > “Grand Theft Auto V” and choose from quite a few different sizes.

Grand Theft Auto V Screenies #4

Rockstar has another Newswire post of “Business” screenshots, enjoy.

Grand Theft Auto V Screenies #3

We have yet more screenshots from Rockstar, this set is called Leisure.


Grand Theft Auto V Screenies #2

On the Rockstar Newswire today we have more GTA V screenshots! This set is entitled “Transport”.

Grand Theft Auto V Screenies

Rockstar’s Asked & Answered this week revealed two screenies of Grand Theft Auto V. The first one though looks a lot like GTA IV.


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